Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.20.39 PM  “I like the OOOPS garden because I think gardens help the environment and a lot of people ruin, destroy and even sometimes treat the environment very badly and I think that is wrong.”—Jana, age 9

“I love our garden because the flowers are beautiful, the ground cherries are sweet, a lot of butterflies come to visit…”—Bethany, age 9

“My favourite thing about the school garden is when we grow the plants in our class. The school garden made me make a garden in my new house!”—Leo, age 9

“This summer I picked cherry tomatoes and my mom made sauce. It was the most amazing sauce I ever had.”— William, age 10

“I like to have chive eating contests with my friends.”—Jacob, age 10

“I like the tomatoes – they are sweet. I picked them with my mom and my auntie.”—Eda, almost 5

“I like the garden because it inspired me to do my own garden at home. I planted two bean plants and they are growing! I also had fun planting pumpkins with my sister after school and we watered them. I like cooking and we planted plants that can be used to cook for the whole school.” —Emily, age 10

“The garden provides us with a lot of food. I like to protect the garden and the trees, too. I saw another kid pulling on a tree branch and I said No! and asked them to stop.”—Daniela, age 9

“I love being on the Eco Team since it’s fun to put the compost in the bin outside. It’s fun to be in charge of it! I love the ground cherries and I love love love the red currents.”—Avery, age 10

“I love everything – Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.19.39 PMespecially the cucumbers! Me too! And the carrots!” Cole, age 5, Kyla, age 4 ¾ and Hazel, age 4

“In the summer, me and my mom bike rided past the school and tried the strawberries; they were really good. My mom tried the tomatoes, which were sweet. We looked at all of the garden and we were looking for celery. We should plant that next year!”—Sadie, age 9

“I planted peppers!” Roman, age 5

“ I like the tomatoes – they taste yummy and sweet. I also like the flowers.”—Maeve, age 6

“I like the flowers to sniff and the fruits to pick. Strawberries are good for you.”—Leila, age 6

“In the summer, with my mom and dad, I tried an eggplant and I really liked it. We cooked it on the barbeque.”—Joya, age 6

“Just last night, I aScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.20.28 PMte peas from the garden; they taste good. I planted them and my dad found them and I ate them.”—Emmett, age 6

“I like the garden because it’s fun because you get dirty a lot. You find worms.” Jagger, age 7

“I like the garden because I like eating the fruits and vegetables. I like the radishes – it was my first time trying them – the ones that the older kids in grade 4 brought around to us.”— Ciara, age 6 ¾