Gingerbread Fair

The countdown to Gingerbread Fair 2014 is on! Friday December 12th 3:30 – 7:30pm.

For those of you who are new to the school, the Gingerbread Fair is the school’s biggest

fundraiser of the year and one heck of a party. The money raised allows us to enrich our

students’ experience at OOOPS with extra programming and new equipment.

There will be a hot dinner and salad bar upstairs, a bake table overflowing with goodies,

the gym will be transformed into a market place, where parents and local vendors will

sell their wares, as well as activities and games for the kids.

Each class has been asked to run an event or take charge of part of the fair’s festivities.

Please help out in any way you can. With your help, the Gingerbread Fair will be a

magical evening and a smashing success!

How You Can Help

Bake We have some pretty impressive bake sales throughout the year, but nothing

compares to the Gingerbread Fair’s bake table. Please consider trotting out your best

treats (nut free) for the table. Contact Hiral Amin-Sharma hiralamin78@hotmail.com

Cook A hot meal is served upstairs and we rely on parents to help us with the spread.

We’re looking for cooks to donate large batches of things like, noodles and tomato

sauce, mac n’ cheese, chili, lasagna, pulled pork or whatever you’re good at.

*We need chaffing dishes, let us know if you have one or two you can loan us.

Wine or Water A Gingerbread Fair favourite needs your contribution of a bottle of wine

or water. Please consider donating a bottle to keep the game going all night long.

Donated bottles are being collected in the front office now.

Vendors Do you have a small business or craft that you can showcase at the fair? For a

small fee you can set up shop at the Gingerbread Fair’s Market in the gym.

Get Crafty OOOPS parents are invited to donate crafts to sell at a Parents Craft table

within the marketplace. All proceeds raised at this table go directly to the school.

Raffle Contribution Every class will be assigned a theme for a basket to be raffled off.

Please help fill your class basket by contributing one item.

Time Roll up your sleeves and pitch in for an hour to help make the magic happen!

Any questions or ideas please contact your Class Rep to help you get you on your way!


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Streetproofing Tips

Just added the PDF on Streetproofing Tips in our Info section.

Please familiarize yourself and your children with these tips.

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome back to all!!

As the students return to school, it is a great pleasure to see how excited the children are to renew their friendships and to make new friends. Learning about school routines and meeting new teachers is also a high point during this early period of time.

A special welcome is extended to our new families. It is our hope that you will feel informed and comfortable with the many school experiences that will occur this school year. All parents will be kept informed through “Apple Seeds”, a newsletter distributed on the last Friday of every month, either by email, or by hard copy for those families who do not have internet.

I invite all of you to please familiarize yourselves with our Mission Statement which stresses that we all have a role in the education and development of our children. As we work towards meeting our common goals, open communication with your child’s teachers and with the administration is of paramount importance in making your child’s school year a positive experience.

Please join me in welcoming our new staff members: Kevin Maxted (JK/SK Teacher), Parvinder Khurana (ECE), Michael O’Brien (Head Caretaker) and Angie Theofilopoulos (1/2 Teacher) who will be filling in for Dina Ikosipentarhos during her leave. BIG THANKS to the custodial team for giving us a gleaming, shiny school to start our year.

For safety purposes, our school has a buzzer system which is Ministry mandated. It is important that you please get your children to school on time. We strongly urge you to get your children to school on time to avoid frustration and disruption to everyone’s learning. Doors will be locked at 8:40 a.m. Buzzer doors will be operated after the playing of O Canada. Parents/students wishing to enter the school after this time will have to “buzz in”. Our aim is to continue to serve our community, however, please remember that we have only one person in the office responsible for letting people in, along with all the other daily duties. At the end of the day, doors will be opened at 3:19 p.m. Parents rriving earlier than 3:19 are asked to go directly into the back school yard via the south driveway where students will be dismissed at 3:20, once the playground construction is completed (in approximately 1 month). Please do not walk through the Kindergarten play area to reach the back. The daycare staff is supervising the children and it will be difficult for them to do so if there is traffic through that area.

Kindergarten students will continue to be dismissed at the side door from Room 9 and 10. Students from Room 15 will be dismissed outside of the central doors. We will be reinforcing that there is to be no loitering in the halls and no adults in the school unless they are volunteering or meeting with a staff member. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thanks to everyone for ensuring a successful beginning to the school year. I look forward to reacquainting myself with the children and their families as well as getting to know all the new students who have joined our school community.

Let’s work together to ensure that we make this school year the best it can be for the children.


Maria Pantalone

Support Your School at the next OOOPS Council Meeting with Councilor Mike Layton




We have moved this month’s council meeting in order to meet with Councilor Mike Layton.

We have invited him to the meeting to discuss the Kindergarten Playground, located south of the building.

There are more kids than ever using the space due to full day kindergarten and before and after programs. The playground needs to be renovated because it is an unsafe and an unacceptable area for our children.

Below are just some of the issues and concerns we have:

  • eroding dirt/mud slopes that are too steep for play, where no vegetation will grow
  • exposed retaining wall foundations
  • fall heights greater than allowable
  • fences that are climbable, too short, or are not installed to code
  • too much asphalt – heat island effect, poor drainage/infiltration, deteriorating
  • surface, we would like more green space for our kids
  • storage shed is a barrier and obstacle (creates hiding opportunity)

We have some wonderful ideas and a new design proposal for this space, (thanks to the generosity of one of our parents), which will have a positive effect on the entire yard and the school population.

But these things costs money.

We are committed to raising funds to make this happen, but it will take time and energy from all of us. We will be asking Mr. Layton for his support and guidance in using local community resources where available.

We will be working with the TDSB to find solutions that are financially viable and acceptable to everyone.

This meeting will also be the first time we are sharing the proposed design for the space.

This is a very important meeting so please come out to show your support and to show Mr. Layton that we are a united and strong community.

Childcare and pizza will be provided.

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Thanks to all you submitted their great photos!

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Day of Pink


is the International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia and Transphobia in schools and communities (http://www.dayofpink.org/en/info).

We invite everyone to celebrate diversity by wearing a pink shirt and participating in our activities.


Additionally, we will be holding a bake sale of pink cupcakes and cookies and treats. All proceeds will go towards this important cause.



Please respond to Kelly at kayzettel@gmail.com if you can help.

All baked goods need to be dropped off to the staff room by 8:15 am on the 9th.

Thanks for participating!