Council Executive

Position Name Contact
Principal Diane Jamieson
Co-Chair Abi Etches-Raheel
Co-Chair Colleen Kennedy
Communications Mark Osler
Secretary Still to Be Filled
Volunteer Coordinator Alison Liphardt
Ward Council Representatives James Goheen

Treasurer Michelle Cole


School Council Meetings

Meetings are held in the staff room, or if more space is needed, the library.

Childcare and snacks are provided.

School Council usually meets on a Tuesday night from 6:30-8:00. Meeting dates are posted on the Council bulletin board along with Council Minutes and related information.

By attending School Council meetings or volunteering you will meet some fine people and sink your roots deep into our OOOPS community.

School Councils do a LOT to set the tone and feel of a school and contribute the extra support needed to help a school SHINE.

What is a School Council?

A School Council is a forum where parents, the Principal and other members of the school community (teachers, staff, day care representatives, etc.) discuss school issues and plan ways to improve the school.

At Ossington/Old Orchard School Council meetings we discuss:

• our children’s successes
• what our children are learning
• the school Council’s budget
• school safety and improvements
• planning for the next school year
• after school activities and special events
• volunteering and
• other matters that affect the education of our children

Who can join?

In September, a notice is sent home asking parents to apply for Council positions of Chair/Co-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Ward Representative, Room Parent Rep., Volunteer Coordinator and Communications. Any parent can run for these positions.

An election is held if two or more people apply for the same position.

All parents and members of the school community can come to School Council meetings. It is important that the diversity of our school community be represented at council meetings.

How does our School Council work?

At each meeting, the Principal and members of the Council report on what is new, discuss plans for the school, make recommendations and vote on decisions affecting the school. Parents or school community members can also raise issues that concern them or make suggestions about ways to improve the school. A sub-committee is brought together to discuss an issue and report back to the Council, or plan and organize a Council initiative.

The School Council budget pays for activities not covered by TDSB funds including: school equipment, performances, field trips, Staff Appreciation Lunch, Halloween Celebration, our Fun Fair and much more. The budget also pays for our Learning Through The Arts/Sciences and Creative Movement programs. Council also organizes special events and assists with Parent Communications.

These special activities enjoyed by our children are made possible by the generous support of Ossington/Old Orchard Public School families, staff, friends and businesses in our community.

Other ways to volunteer at Ossington/Old Orchard

Being part of the School Council is not the only way to get involved at Ossington/Old Orchard. You could:

• Accompany a class on a field trip.
• Become a classroom rep (make class contact lists that enable parents to contact each other about events in your child’s classroom).
• Volunteer your skills to a class or organize something special e.g. teach a craft, help coach a team, start a club, plan a Grandparent’s day, etc).
• Join a school committee or volunteer to help with one of our many special events and activities: our Wilderness Garden committee, The Gingerbread Fair, The Fun Fair, Dance-A-Thon, the Talent Show or another special event.
• Help your child’s classroom by supporting their bake sale and popcorn days.

If you are interested in helping, please ask your child’s Teacher, Coach, Council member or at the office how you can participate.

Let’s work together to make our Ossington/Old Orchard school community strong for our children and give them the experiences they deserve.
Reasons to volunteer at Ossington/Old Orchard:

• To support school activities and events.
• To raise funds to enhance our children’s experiences at school.
• To be a positive model for our children and demonstrate that volunteering is a valuable and rewarding experience.
• To show our children and the staff that we care and value what they do.
• To get involved strengthens our community and enables you to meet staff and other parents.