Principal's Message

Greetings! One of our many goals at Ossington/Old Orchard Public School is to create an atmosphere where all our students, parents, staff and guests feel safe and welcome every day. It is important to our staff that we work with our parents and the community to fulfill this goal.

While it is a commonly held belief that schools deal exclusively with academic pursuits, we at Ossington believe that to be successful we must help our students grow so that they can be the best that they can be, not only academically, but socially, emotionally and physically.

We expect our students to be independent decision makers who are responsible for their actions and thoughts, and for what they say. We expect them to be respectful of themselves, others and property; appreciative; attentive listeners and active participants in all aspects of school life and life in general. It is our sincere hope that when anyone leaves our building at the end of the day that they feel good about themselves.