Survey Results are In!

We had a great response to our survey, with 87% of respondents supporting refugee sponsorship!   We have joined the 1000 Schools Challenge initiated by Dewson Street Jr. Public School, alongside The Grove, Givens-Shaw, Palmerston, Montrose/Clinton/Delta group, and John Fisher (the list grows weekly), and are keeping in close touch with them to share resources and information.  Dewson has created an excellent website that offers a comprehensive guide to the process and answers many questions.  Lifeline Syria is also a great resource.

We are in the process of choosing an SAH (Sponsorship Agreement Holder) to partner with and will then begin fundraising.

The good news is that the application process for Syrians is now being fast-tracked and applications submitted now are being processed by the end of the year, with families arriving within the first two months of 2016.

If you’d like to share some videos with your children, I’ve included two below.

I’ll continue to post updates here as we move forward.


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Hello OOOPS Families,

Every year parents and students at OOOPS undertake fundraising activities to support vital programming that makes our school a truly special place. Together, we raised over $38 000 last year! Thank you for all of your work and contributions.   (See attached for an accounting of funds raised).

Funds raised go towards everything from individual classroom enrichment and resources, team buses, new computers, extra arts curriculum like dance and drumming sessions, books for the library, plants and supplies for our beautiful garden, the Halloween party and the Harvest Festival, and special speakers and presentations like last year’s anti-bullying presentation and the Earth Rangers visit.

Raising that kind of money takes a lot of time and individual effort. We understand that it is hard to volunteer precious time in our busy lives. Sometimes, it is easier to donate money rather than time. The more funds we raise through direct donation, the less fund raising activities will be required. This year, for instance, we would like to have fewer bake sales and popcorn sales and potentially scale down the bigger events.

In order to continue to raise needed funds, but reduce the workload for everyone, we’re asking parents to make a direct donation of $50, $75, $100 or whatever you are capable of giving. (Donations of $25 or more entitle you to a charitable tax receipt). Should a financial donation not be possible, please don’t feel any pressure – there are many ways to contribute to your child’s education, this is only one.

If you wish to support this fundraising effort, please do so by November 6th so that we can plan our fundraising goals and activities for the year. In order to receive a charitable tax receipt, cheques must be made out to TDSB  – Ossington/Old Orchard P.S. and the bottom of this form needs to be filled out and submitted with your donation.

To learn more about your School Council, or if you have any questions, please join us for the next Council meeting on November 5th at 6:30 p.m. in the Staff room.  Childcare and pizza will be provided.

Thank you for your support of the OOOPS community!

-OOOPS School Council


2014-2015 Ooops Council Report

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Harvest Celebration

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The Garden

Our website now has a Garden section.

Click the Garden link at the top of the site to see all the great photos.

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It has been another fabulous year in the OOOPS garden! Thank you so much to the wonderful student, parent and staff support. This really has become a living community project. Every student planted a wildflower seed in the yard and a plant in the food garden. Ask your child where they planted theirs and watch them grow over the summer. Better yet, enjoy the bounty of the garden! This is meant to be a community garden and we want you and your family to eat from it. Help yourselves to radish, eggplant, tomato, basil, lettuces, berries and much more—just make sure to leave some for others.

Take pictures and post them on instagram at #toschoolgarden or post a tweet about what you made using the OOOPS garden veggies with the same hashtag.

We want to hear about the summer happenings. We need a lot more help watering the garden over the summer months. You don’t have to commit to a whole summer, just sign up to water or weed once. We’ve got a userfriendly google calendar and a user-friendly watering system. Just email Andi at and we will show you how. Thank you to the mystery parent who donated their earnings from the Spring Concert’s 50/50 draw. The garden and music program greatly appreciate it!

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ETFO Work To Rule Letter

Please read ETFO Work To Rule Letter

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